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BioForecasting and Early Warning Platform help with:

    Risk Assessment, 

                     Risk Mitigation,

                                   Risk Management, and

                                                  Risk Communication


Like commercial meteorology, commercial bio-forecasting and Alert System by AilluminateX can satisfy unmet demand for disease outbreaks and forecasts and warnings with informed and insightful decisions tailored to consumer and corporate interests.

The Ailysium Confidence Seal! 

Our powerful AiX-Artificial Intelligence Platform - The Ailysium - identifies:


  • Risk Levels for Individuals at any time and place

Individual Screening Risk Factors assist in making insightful and informed decisions.

  • Risk Levels for Places, Areas, and Businesses at any time

Help mitigate and control of outbreaks of infectious diseases, and other outbreaks risk factors such as the COVID19.

These Risk Scores are called AiX-Crown Risk Scores and they are the basis for  "The Ailysium Confidence Seal!"

Crown Risk Score!

The Ailysium Confidence Seal! 



AiX- Crown Risk Scores!
         The Ailysium Confidence Seal!
                       Reduces Risk & Increases Confidence!
                                   Ensures the Safety & Health of Community!

AiX Platform

The Ailysium

AI-Based Smart Touchless Devices for
                       Modern Cities, 
                                       Better Health &
                                                     Enhanced Security 
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