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AiX - BioForecasting 



BioForecasting and Early Warning Platform help with:

    Risk Assessment, 

                     Risk Mitigation,

                                   Risk Management, and

                                                  Risk Communication

  • Like commercial meteorology, commercial bio-forecasting and Alert System by AilluminateX can satisfy unmet demand for disease outbreaks and forecasts and warnings with informed and insightful decisions tailored to consumer and corporate interests.

  • AilluminateX connects retailers and advertisers to businesses and their individual consumers that are concerned about their health.  

  • Due to outbreaks of new infections, climate change, and many manmade and natural crisis, case count levels for infectious diseases are rising.  Businesses can grow their revenues, protect their businesses and employee while serving society and saving life, and improve the daily quality of life, by being in the right place at the right time.

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