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Our Model allows us to study what if scenarios! Like, what if we reduce the size of student attendance to the school to 50% or 25%? or have two shifts, etc. or what if we reduce the size of customers in restaurants to 50% or 25%?

Covid19 - Risk Analytics
Open Society & Economy
Every Activity - USA Counties
25%-50% Discount for Struggling Counties

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What County do you live in? (Selected California)
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Our Commitment to Privacy:  We are  collecting your answers to  send you a copy of our Risk Analytics and to help improve the site and our services.  We do not use these data to share with any third party.

By entering our site, you agree Privacy and Legal terms and that we are not liable for any hram relating to the use of our tool. This tool does not provide any medical advice or recommendation and should not be used  in any form and any way for diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment or other medical conditions.  The copy of Risk-Analytics is only for personal use, is not for further distribution without our approval, and  it is not for any business and/or commercial use. 


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