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AiX Analytics

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Measure Risk, Manage Risk, Reduce Risk, and Increase Confidence
                            We can help you to re-open your business safely and save lives!



AI and Analytics Solution-Commercial Bio-Forecasting and Alert System

AilluminateX  harnesses the power of data analytics with predictive learning to help mitigate the spread of infection.

We deliver high-quality AI-based forecast snapshots in real time and informed decisions, with unique insights into local risks at any time and place and type of business,  prepared by qualified experts & professional public health centers and agencies.

  • Business Risk Factor for each location at any time

  • Individual Infection Risk Factor for each individual at any time and place


AilluminateX outbreaks Warning/Alert and insightful and informed decisions have the potential to save lives and improve daily quality of life. Globally, government agencies funding for disease forecasting and outbreak warning is limited. That’s where the private entities such as AilluminateX can close the gap.

Outbreaks Warning/Alert and Informed insightful decisions have the potential to save lives and improve Quality of daily life.

Results from our tailored and powerful Artificial Intelligence with predictive analytics, insightful decisions, awareness and alarms will be shared with:

  • Senior Communities and Hospital

  • Pandemic Experts and Physicians

  • World health organization, i.e WHO

  • Corporate chief medical officers

  • Business continuity analysts

  • Government crisis managers

  • Quarantine officers

  • Health officials, such as CDC, HHS and HS Center for Disease Outbreak and

  • To the community groups and individuals directly. 

AilluminateX Digital Health and Risk Factor Passes - Secure Certificates

  • Business Risk Factor for each location at any time

  • Individual Infection Risk Factor for each individual at any time and place.

  • Digital Health Pass- Including Covid19 Risk Factor Pass, Covid19 Test Pass and Vaccine Pass: The passes can be used for Travel by train or plane, stay at Hotel, go to Concert and Sport Events, Movie Theater, etc.

  • Using our developed smartphone system, individuals or organization can upload details of their Covid-19 tests, Risk Factor, and vaccinations. Our System will create secure digital credentials that can be used for travel by train or plane, stay at Hotel, to enter concert venues, sport stadiums, movie theaters, business and government offices, etc. Individual can upload their Covid-19 test result and/or proof of vaccination by a hospital or medical professional. The system will generate a health digital Certificate Health Pass in the form of a QR code (and/or RFID or NCF).  As an example, for travel purposes, the app may print health pass and test requirements at the point of departure and arrival that can be shown to authorities without revealing sensitive information.

Covid19 &

Artificial Intelligence

COVID-19 Screening, COVID-19 Patient Classification,

Individual/Business CR-Score (R), and Individual/Business Risk



The screening, classification, CR-Scores(R) and Risk Analytics are time sensitive and we guarantee to deliver the analytics on time or the reports are free.

  • In real-time


There will be a 25% discount for all the Analytics services as part of our Touchless Devices Products and Services.

Covid19 Screening 

Reports & Services

AiX Platform


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